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To be a leader in the grand scheme of the Coaching Profession’s constant growth and empowerment.

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What is the Coaching Guild?



To be a leader in the grand scheme of the Coaching Profession’s constant growth and empowerment.



Be Like no One Before, Now or After



The influence of a professional coach extends well beyond their specific Be Like no One Before.


Professional Competence

Coaches/ trainers and mentors will at all times and in all situations maintain the highest standard possible, using their full knowledge, competence and effort in their work.


Coaches/ trainers and mentors will be at all times honest, nonjudgmental and fair, using their knowledge to its full capability but also not exaggerating their own abilities and honest about their limitations.

Professional Responsibility 

Coaches/trainers and mentors will at all times adhere to the Internationally accepted standards of ethical conduct that reflect the professionalism, dedication and honesty of the coach/ trainer and mentor as a person and as a professional.

Respecting Client's
Dignity & Rights

Coaches/ Trainers and Mentors will take upon themselves to treat each individual client with the dignity and respect they deserve, regardless of the client’s state, religious and/or cultural background, and those of the coach/ trainer and mentor.


“Work closely with the clients to define their needs, wants and goals and check that they are those are in congruence with the clients values and beliefs.”

Ready to start your growth journey?

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Why Become a Member

The PCG Ltd., is a registered in the UK, for coaching/ training and mentoring membership provider and approver of professional Coaching/ training and mentoring skills, training and certification, associated closely with our websites.

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Coaches/Trainers and Mentors work in a diverse field of specialities, for example personal, corporate, business etc. to be able to help and support their clients.


Coaches/Trainers and Mentors are specifically trained in coaching/training and mentoring through a coach training institution or school or mentor coach, and also use/incorporate their individual life experience in their coaching/ training and mentoring practice too.


Coaches/Trainers and Mentors are also able to use many other professional labels such as coach, consultant and facilitator. 


Each Coach/ Trainer and Mentor use different assessment methods to ensure their progress, the main focus always remains to help and support the client in achieving their individual and group/ corporate goals, dreams and aspirations or much wanted/ needed transformations in a matter appropriate to each client. Because each coaching/ training and mentoring relationship is individual, the PCG’s Ltd., Ethics Code provides the necessary basic framework and values upon which the professional coaches/ trainers and mentors base their practices.

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