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The PCG Ltd., is a registered in the UK, for coaching/ training and mentoring membership provider and approver of professional Coaching/ training and mentoring skills, training and certification, associated closely with our websites:






for the training part.


We also provide the highest professional standards in coaching/ training and mentoring for continuous professional and personal development.


A professional membership body for Professional coaching, training and mentoring practitioners.


Independent Qualification Practice Licensing and Membership for the individual and corporate/ group members focused on providing coaching, training and mentoring activities.


Our primary aim is to grow the full human potential, happiness, wellbeing, goal achievement and overall prosperity.


We are a wealth of information, resources, blogs, tools, articles, newsletters, etc., accessible to all our members internationally.


We also strive to be a platform that connects and unites coaches, trainers, mentors and members of course, so they can all grow and follow their professional paths successfully and be of benefit to those around them.



  • Types/ Levels of Memberships and Fees



  • Board Member Membership: Highly Qualified Professionals of all walks of life who are willing to invest into the growth of the Coaching/ training and mentoring field and become part of the huge force that’s supports society and its growth.


Renewable every 2 years with a yearly membership fee of 600.00 US $.

Upon the completion of the two years the Board Member can opt to change their Membership Status to a different relevant membership.



  • Affiliate Membership: For all those interested in coaching/ mentoring and training but with no formal training and/ or experience.


Renewed Yearly with yearly fees of 120.00 US $ only.


  • Coachee/ Trainee Membership: For those who are currently undergoing coaching/ mentoring and trainer training at any level.


Renewed Yearly with yearly fees of 220.00 US $ only.

Once the required training is completed the member can be upgraded to the next desired level of membership.


  • Professional Coach/ Mentor/ Trainer Membership: For those who have completed a Master Level in Coaching/ Mentoring and Training and are professional practitioners.


Renewed Yearly with yearly fees of 450.00 US $ only.

  • Life Long Professional Coach/ Mentor and trainer Membership: For those who have completed a Master Level in Coaching/ Mentoring and Training and are professional practitioners with the only difference being that the professional member pays only once and doe not have to renew again.


A once in a lifetime payment of 900.00 US $ only without the need to renewal.

It is valid for a lifetime.​


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