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Professional Coaching

Excellence Innovation

The influence of a professional coach extends well beyond their specific field of coaching in interacting with clients, fellow coaches and mentors and the coaching community at large as well as staff and senior leadership – all of which ultimately play a role in the success of the professional coach and the society.
Clearly defining the qualities of a world-class coach is challenging given the different requirements across cultures and the broad range of coaching.
Furthermore, no two coaches/ trainers or mentors are the same in the way they approach what they do and the way they assess the results in the same manner, but each can become very successful by defining their own level of excellence.
This is where we provide all the tools, materials and support required to achieve such world class professional excellence.

Community Support

The ability to lead is at the essence of coaching. World-class coaches must be as effective in their ability to lead their peers, clients and colleagues as they are with their ability to understand and deliver the technical and tactical aspect of their expertise.
 Without the ability to effectively lead groups and individuals, the coach’s technical and tactical expertise may not have the desired impact given a breakdown in strategy, communication, or trust. This includes the ability to influence individuals and situations that are ultimately not under the control of the coach. Without the ability to manage up and out the coach will be compromised in their ability to build a successful program.


Growth, Learning, Experience and Empowerment

Given that coaching requires coaches/ trainers/ mentors and members to acquire and develop a multitude of skills and concepts, coaches must master this essential component of coaching. 
Whether it be skill development, coaching/ mentoring/ training strategy or leadership behavior, a world-class coach is required to create effective learning environments within and outside of their daily training and competitive environments. 
This includes adapting teaching delivery methods based on the learning style of the coachee/trainee /mentoree

Implementation and Result Excellence

Making the implementation of the beast, professional quality methods of training, coaching, mentoring and membership makes us stand out from the rest of the Training/ Coaching/ Mentoring and Membership providers.


Implementation and Result Excellence

Implementation and Result Excellence


Coaching Ethics in Compliance with the Ethics of PCG Ltd, Following the ICF Coaching Ethics.

The highest quality professional guilds have a set of principles or tenets designed to guide members and provide assurance to clients and colleagues about what to expect. This is a distinguishing characteristic of professional associations, as opposed to other organizations or groups which may be more loosely formed.

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