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There are three main objectives for the PCG’s ltd, Code of Coaching Ethics


First Objective

First, it serves as a basic, broad framework of principles and values which coaches/ trainers and mentors abide by.

The main ones of those are confidentiality, and the total, honest concern, and the main priority being the client’s wellbeing and success.


Second Objective

Second, it serves as the guidelines for rules for coaches/ trainers and mentors to use in many of the situation-specific situations that arise during coaching/ training and mentoring.


Third Objective

Third, to serve as a foundation building block for the ethical and moral standards of all coaches/ trainers and mentors.


Each coach/ trainer and mentor must abide the code, but are also encouraged to supplement, build on, improve, and grow it in order to provide an increasingly professional and successful service to the clients.

The Universal Standards

As with any Code of Ethics, this is a framework to be followed as a set norm for coaching/ training and mentoring.


Code of Coaching Ethics

Coaching/ Training/ Mentoring and Membership Relationship

Via a professional coaching/ training/ mentoring and membership relationship, the client will be able to identify their goals/ needs/ wants and dreams and ideally achieve them.

At the very base level, coaching provides the client with the opportunity to focus on what is important to them and help them uncover / build abilities/ skills and also tools in order to achieve the personal and professional outcomes they desire.

Coaching Research

and Publishing

As a Professional Coach/ mentor or trainer member, as well as Life Long Professional Coach/ mentor or trainer member, the members are entitled to carry out their own case studies and comprehensive research and to publish the above on the PCG ltd.’s website

Privacy and Confidentiality

Contracting/ training/ mentoring and memberships are some of the key skills that a coach/ trainer/ mentor and member need to master as it is the very base for building trust and rapport, and confidence with the client, thus setting up and building a fruitful, professional coaching/ training/ mentoring and membership relationship.


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